Course scheduling software for distance learning

Easy, conflict-free course scheduling for colleges and universities that offer synchronous online, distance, or hybrid learning.

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Why choose ofCourse for scheduling online classes?

Scheduling for Zoom classes
Scalable and flexible

ofCourse scales to handle any volume of courses and sections, whether your online classes are synchronous, asynchronous or hybrid.

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Near-perfect schedules

It's impossible for humans to design ideal schedules by hand — there are too many variables. ofCourse makes millions of calculations to create near-perfect schedules.

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Program-by-program protections

Your programs have unique requirements. Address each need individually and, in the end, present program-specific schedules for review and publication.

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Ready for life after Covid-19

If you transition some courses back to campus, ofCourse can manage classrooms too. Read about strategies to deal with coronavirus issues.

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Balance student and faculty needs

Our platform specializes in scheduling courses according to faculty preferences. At the same time, it protects course diversity for students—so classes they need to take don't conflict.

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A support team that knows universities

Our academic support team has helped build hundreds of university course schedules. We personally understand the challenges of course scheduling — and we're here to help you every step of the way.

What our customers say

I cannot imagine putting together a schedule without ofCourse and its amazing, intuitive technology. Troy and the ofCourse staff were always there to help and advise me, brainstorm with me, and troubleshoot any problems. The academic dean’s job is now a lot easier.”
Avidan Y. Cover
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Make great schedules
for your online classes.