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I love using ofCourse! It has made the process of scheduling faster. Instead of weeks it takes a couple of days to put a solid schedule together. For the first time we were able to build a student centered schedule that also takes into account faculty preferences. Being able to analyze the schedule in various ways helps to give us a more detailed understanding about the decisions we make. When a professor asked that his bar course be switched to a different day and time, I was able to send him the weekly grid view of the schedule so that he could see what the impact of moving that course would do to students. Once he saw that he understood why I placed him where I did and appreciated the insight.”
Rhonda Stokes
Law Registrar & Director of Academic Planning
University of Baltimore
School of Law
We switched to ofCourse a year ago, and we are glad that we did. The software makes it very easy to enter courses and create schedules, and it can handle many complex edge cases, such as courses that meet at different days at different times. Our students greatly preferred the look of the new schedules to our old solution. The best thing about the software is that Troy DeArmitt provides outstanding customer support and can help with a number of scheduling challenges. He is constantly looking for ways to ensure that we do not have to endure manual tasks.”
Michael Abramowicz
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
George Washington University
Law School
ofCourse scheduling has been a great addition to our scheduling process. The availability to share a schedule on our website, room availability chart, conflict reports, and messaging to our faculty has all been terrific! I would highly recommend ofCourse!”
Jennifer Kent
University of Kansas
School of Law
10/10 Would totally use again and recommend to friends. Training was fun, not painful. Program is easy to learn and will make you happy inside if you’ve ever scheduled an academic year for a law school without assistive technology. I love that it’s smart enough to build multiple schedules in seconds and has the flexibility for users to fine tune the schedule without unraveling the whole thing.”
Kim Hai Pearson
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Program Innovation
Gonzaga University
School of Law
ofCourse is an incredibly helpful tool for scheduling a curriculum that is responsive to our community’s needs.”
Anne E. Ralph
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Clinical Professor of Law
The Ohio State University
Moritz College of Law
Before ofCourse I used poster board and sticky notes to map out the schedule. That could easily turn into a nightmare if one fell off. And getting it from the poster board to online was time consuming. With ofCourse, I actually look forward to making the schedule! Troy was so patient during the training process. He’ll walk you through each step and is always there to review the steps if needed. The process is smooth. Once done it can be easily exported. The ofCourse team is always looking for ways to improve the product and annually solicit suggestions. I can’t say enough good about it!”
Pam Dirkse
Student Services Assistant
Michigan State University
College of Law
This was our first time using ofCourse and our experience has been great! Troy walked us through each step of the process in detail and promptly answered the many questions we had as we went along. We were impressed by the amazing service Troy provided, as well as the many helpful features ofCourse has available. In particular, we found it very useful to have the ability to categorize all our courses into their subject matter groups and, at a glance, ensure courses in the same group did not conflict. We also found the schedule reports and various charts, readily available for download, to be great visual aids when we started presenting the schedule to our various stakeholders. Thank you, ofCourse!”
Brian Hansen
Director of Student Records and Faculty Support
School of Law
I cannot imagine putting together a schedule without ofCourse and its amazing, intuitive technology. Troy and the ofCourse staff were always there to help and advise me, brainstorm with me, and troubleshoot any problems. The academic dean’s job is now a lot easier.”
Avidan Y. Cover
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
I had never put together a course schedule by myself before and was nervous about the entire process. ofCourse made everything so easy because they have thought of everything! Not only did they walk us through all the steps of collecting information, inputting our courses and faculty preferences and crafting our fall and spring schedules, but they were there as a resource for me when I had general and specific questions about course scheduling. They are experts — so grateful to ofCourse!”
Emily Scivoletto
Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
UC Davis School of Law
I have the zeal of a convert when it comes to ofCourse. Using an algorithm to produce the class schedule is a no-brainer, but only if the system is intuitive and flexible, and comes with loads of user support. All three are true here.”
William McGeveran
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law
University of Minnesota Law School
With the help of ofCourse, we built a schedule that received no complaints from the faculty. Zero, none, nada! This is a first in my eight years of helping to build the semester schedule, so it brings me so much joy! No one had to compromise & no one got the short end of the stick.”
Cheryl F. Edwards
Law Registrar
The University of Memphis
Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
I have been using ofCourse for two years and I cannot think of making a schedule without it. The system is incredibly user friendly—it really does create a basic schedule with the click of a button. But the system is flexible as well, giving the user the ability to customize and improve on that basic schedule. Not only is it easier for me, students and faculty love the schedules I’ve been able to create. Students report far fewer conflicts and faculty get their day and time preferences most of the time.”
Michael A. Perino
Associate Academic Dean
Dean George W. Matheson Professor of Law
St. John’s University School of Law
I have used ofCourse for 3 years. I love this product! It is powerful, has lots of tools with many good uses, and is very easy to use. The conflict checker, schedule reports, and public views that allow you to look at the data in many ways, allow me to use the product all year long. The customer support (Troy DeArmitt) is exceptional. Troy gives you as much time as you need to get the best performance from the software. I highly recommend ofCourse!”
Alice B. Isley
Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill School of Law
The ofCourse Scheduling software helped us to migrate our course scheduling process from a series of Excel sheets to one consolidated program. Last semester we used ofCourse to schedule 169 professors teaching 235 classes. Using the automated faculty emailing system to gather teaching preferences took a lot of pain out of the process and gave faculty an easy way to list conflicts.”
Hilary T. Lappin
American University
Washington College of Law
ofCourse has made our class scheduling so much more efficient! Rather than months of back and forth with faculty to finalize a class schedule, the entire process to finalize a schedule and release to students takes only a matter of weeks. Faculty love the ease of entering teaching preferences while knowing that those preferences will be adhered to. ofCourse is incredibly user friendly and Troy and his team offer incredible support and guidance if needed. The ease of entering data, gathering faculty preference and generating a class schedule has never been easier. I actually look forward to the scheduling process each semester! All of us at UCI Law who have scheduling responsibility could not be more pleased!”
Stephanie M. Santoro
UC Irvine
School of Law
The Registrar’s Office in the Goizueta Business School, Emory University has tremendously benefited from working with ofCourse. We started using the system in Fall of 2018 and the system has been an amazing addition to our scheduling process. We had some personnel changes in the unit and we were scrambling to find the time and resources to create our class schedule for next academic year. Our Law School here at Emory was already using ofCourse and they recommended using the tool. Within two months, we had our Fall 2019 schedule built and ready to present to our faculty.

The tools we valued the most were the faculty preferences and the room density reports. As experienced in most schools, space is a premium and we are always trying to maneuver schedules around to optimize space in the buildings while meeting faculty needs. The system allows you to efficiently manage both items well and gives data to validate decisions we are making throughout the process.

Our experience working with Troy DeArmitt was extremely useful, professional, and accommodating to our needs. There are various nuances with our programs and in partnership with Troy we were able to address our needs. Through ofCourse we had our entire academic year schedule built in a matter of weeks.

We are truly a fan of ofCourse and consider Troy an extended member of our scheduling team.”
Jaclyn Conner
Director, Academic Affairs & Instructional Design
Emory University
Goizueta Business School
ofCourse does it all — from gathering faculty preferences, to policing conflicts among classes, to maximizing the efficiency of classroom use — and it does it in a very flexible, user-friendly way.”
Jim Gibson
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Richmond
School of Law
Working with ofCourse couldn‘t be easier. We have been extremely pleased with not only the product itself, but the support we have received. It has made scheduling much easier.”
Jennifer T. DiSanza
Assistant Dean for Student Services and Law Chief of Staff
University of Louisville
Brandeis School of Law
ofCourse doesn't just save time when scheduling courses, it improves the quality of your course schedule. Student needs are better met, class conflicts are avoided, and faculty time is optimized. The result is a better educational experience for students and faculty alike.”
John F. Preis
Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Richmond
School of Law
The program is a lifesaver!”
Sarah Ludington
Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs
Campbell University
Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law
ofCourse manages the most complicated aspects of scheduling (including avoiding room, time, subject area, and faculty conflicts) in a fraction of the time that it took for us to do it manually. The software is intuitive, and the schedules are consistently better for students and faculty than our old schedules. When we have had questions, Troy is quick to respond to our inquiries. When we need to make a change, it is reflected on the published schedule in real time. After using the software for two years, I cannot imagine going back to manual scheduling.”
S. Todd Brown
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
University at Buffalo
School of Law
Using ofCourse was one of the best decisions I made as associate dean — it improved our processes, saved time, and made scheduling vastly easier.”
Viva R. Moffat
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Professor of Law
University of Denver
Sturm College of Law
ofCourse has been outstanding!”
Marvell Nesmith
Co-Director, Registrar’s Services
Emory University
Goizueta Business School
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