Course scheduling software for community colleges

ofCourse is the only enterprise-grade software entirely dedicated to the challenge of college class scheduling.

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Juggling scheduling

Why choose ofCourse for your community college?

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Built to help with scheduling

We’re not a sprawling student information system. We’re purpose-built to help specifically with course-scheduling — not to replace existing parent systems.

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Near-perfect schedules

It's impossible for humans to design ideal schedules by hand—there are just too many variables. ofCourse makes millions of calculations to create near-perfect schedules.

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Program-by-program protections

Programs and departments have unique requirements. Address each need individually and, in the end, present program-specific schedules for review and publication.

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Balance student and faculty needs

Our platform specializes in scheduling courses according to faculty preferences. At the same time, it protects course diversity for students—so classes they need to take don't conflict.

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Room placement engine

A sophisticated and configurable room-placement engine auto-magically places courses in eligible rooms based on numerous factors. And yes, it is every bit as amazing as it sounds.

Scheduling for Zoom classes
Support for online, hybrid and irregular courses

ofCourse offers nuanced controls to handle the growing sorts of diverse course offerings found today, whether they are synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid or have an atypical meeting pattern.

Manage post-production changes

All schedules see changes—sometimes right up to the first day of classes. Lean on our Collision Management System to protect you when making those changes, ensuring you do not double-book a room or professor. Schedule-makers have never slept better!

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A support team that knows higher ed

Our academic support team has helped build thousands of college course schedules. We personally understand the challenges of course scheduling for the college environment—and we're here to help you every step of the way.

What our customers say

The Registrar’s Office in the Goizueta Business School, Emory University has tremendously benefited from working with ofCourse. We started using the system in Fall of 2018 and the system has been an amazing addition to our scheduling process. We had some personnel changes in the unit and we were scrambling to find the time and resources to create our class schedule for next academic year. Our Law School here at Emory was already using ofCourse and they recommended using the tool. Within two months, we had our Fall 2019 schedule built and ready to present to our faculty.

The tools we valued the most were the faculty preferences and the room density reports. As experienced in most schools, space is a premium and we are always trying to maneuver schedules around to optimize space in the buildings while meeting faculty needs. The system allows you to efficiently manage both items well and gives data to validate decisions we are making throughout the process.

Our experience working with Troy DeArmitt was extremely useful, professional, and accommodating to our needs. There are various nuances with our programs and in partnership with Troy we were able to address our needs. Through ofCourse we had our entire academic year schedule built in a matter of weeks.

We are truly a fan of ofCourse and consider Troy an extended member of our scheduling team.”
Jaclyn Conner
Director, Academic Affairs & Instructional Design
Emory University
Goizueta Business School
Make college class
scheduling painless.