Near-perfect schedules in minutes

ofCourse is the only enterprise-grade software wholly dedicated to the challenge of university class scheduling.

Collect faculty preferences with
the push of a button

No more phone calls or back-and-forth emails with faculty. ofCourse provides a carefully designed, automated email system that sends a custom email to every professor. A unique link takes them to a simple page where they indicate their teaching preferences.

  • Predesigned email templates to save you time
  • Customizable to support your tone and message
  • Elegant reports to evaluate incoming preferences
  • Fail-safes to prevent accidental emails

Generate near-perfect class schedules
with course diversity

With hundreds of classes, faculty and constraints, it’s just not possible to design an ideal schedule using a manual process. ofCourse performs millions of calculations to create ideal class schedules that honor faculty preferences while maintaining full course diversity.

  • Schedules in seconds so you can experiment with a variety of settings in pursuit of your best possible schedule
  • Schedule scorecards to rapidly assess schedule strength and compare schedules with one another
  • Room density reports that vividly illustrate space utilization
  • Course diversity protection to ensure a balanced schedule that works well for students

Use polishing tools to make last-minute tweaks

Frequent schedule adjustments right up to the first day of class are a schedule-maker’s nightmare. ofCourse’s polishing tools make it easy to quickly test a change to see how it impacts the schedule quality. Then you can revise it, discard it, or publish it.

  • A proven update workflow to safely modify the schedule right up to the first day of classes
  • A collision management system that guarantees no conflicts (also the MOST-loved feature)
  • Numerous Reporting tools to protect schedule quality
  • Publishing tools to share beautiful, web-ready versions of the finished schedule (or to export as data)

More features to make class scheduling delightful

  • 5-step process guides you naturally through schedule-making
  • eLearning scheduling to coordinate online classes
  • Anywhere access so you can work from home or on the road
  • Block schedule support honors predefined start-times
  • Historical reporting to see what’s worked in the past
  • Custom branding uses your school’s logo and colors
  • 1-on-1 onboarding to set you up for success
  • Expert support from our university-trained staff

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We’re here to help,
every step of the way

We understand the pain of college class scheduling because we come from academia. ofCourse was born at Washington University in St. Louis, our CEO is a law professor and former associate dean, and our support is provided by former university employees. (Learn more about us.)

Man carrying scheduling block on head
Free setup

No IT help necessary. We prepare your account on our secure cloud-based environment, then provide a login for you and your team.

1-on-1 onboarding

You're not left alone to build your first schedule. We walk you through the simple 5-step process, leaving you confident and empowered to start scheduling.

Free support

You'll never get stuck. Our St. Louis-based support team is always available to help by phone, email or videoconference.

Staff rotations

Transitioning out of the scheduling role? We'll coach the new schedule maker, and the ofCourse platform will continue to preserve institutional knowledge.

Take the pain out of
university course scheduling.