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Our pricing is all-inclusive — no surprises or hidden charges. At a fraction of the cost of cumbersome institutional software, your school can save hundreds of hours and enjoy near-perfect course schedules.

Features Essentials Online Pro Premium
Polls your faculty for their teaching preferences. Every professor receives a custom email with a secure link to an online form. Completing the form takes just a few minutes.
Control the outgoing message, adding your unique flavor. Each outgoing email appears as if it was personally sent.
Never double-book. Unlike humans, our algorithm never makes a double-booking mistake.
Automatic scoring that rates your computer-generated schedule on a scale of 0-100 on three metrics: course placement, faculty preferences, and course diversity.
Make easy manual adjustments to auto-generated schedules, then use our suite of scorecards to assess how your changes impact your schedule quality.
Create filtered views of your end schedule. Share them in a variety of ways—over the web, or as PDFs, Excel documents, or plain text.
Step-by-step onboarding that includes live training sessions delivered by the ofCourse team. Ensures your new scheduling system is working effectively for your environment.
All our editions include unlimited phone and email support from our staff, who have extensive real-world university scheduling experience.
Allocate classroom space. Generate reports on room capacities, densities and utilization. These utilities are outstanding for assessing space efficiency and managing late additions and changes to a schedule.
Enables grouping of courses that should not be scheduled against one another, ensuring balanced schedules that work well for students.
Notifies all teaching faculty of their teaching assignments once the schedule has received final approval. Generates a personalized email for each faculty member with the click of a single button.
School branding throughout the application, including on generated reports and published schedules. It will look like you personally built the tool in-house.
Get detailed reporting on what, when and where a faculty member has taught in the past. See the same for a course. Helpful for deciding who should teach at the most desirable times.
Export files, API access and other integrations for your parent SIS. Includes up to 20 hours of consulting and custom development from our engineering team.
If your school has over a 1000 students or requires multi-campus support, you’ll need our Premium edition.
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annual subscription
annual subscription
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Pricing questions?
We have answers.

Do you have a unique scenario? We’re happy to work with you to find a solution. Review our frequently-asked questions below, and feel free to email us:

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What’s the Online edition?

ofCourse Online is for schools that conduct classes exclusively online. It doesn’t include features for managing physical classrooms. If you offer a hybrid of online and on-campus classes, consider the Pro edition.

Our law school already uses ofCourse. Do we get a discount if our business school wants it too?

Yes. We offer a multi-school discount when multiple schools from the same university subscribe. Please contact us for details.

Once we buy, how long does it take before we can start using the software?

Usually 1–2 weeks. Setup is a 3-step process:

Step 1. We send you a setup spreadsheet. It’s essentially a questionnaire that someone familiar with your schedule environment completes. It typically takes 2–3 hours.

Step 2. Send us the completed spreadsheet and we schedule your installation. The install takes one week and is done completely by ofCourse technicians. We ask that someone from your school be available for questions should any arise. At the end of the week, we’ll send you a URL and logon information.

Step 3. We schedule your first pre-flight call. This is our training program and there are four calls in all. Each call last about an hour and describes the next step you are about to work on. Each call ends with “homework” in order to finish that step. When you are nearing the end of a step, we schedule your next call. These calls are usually only needed in year one. After you’ve been through the process once, you’ll be part of our community of veteran users.

How involved will our IT department need to be?

Not a minute. Since ofCourse is cloud-based, there is nothing to set up or maintain on your campus. Because we provide all of the system training and support, there is nothing for your IT department to do.

We’re pleased to discuss the technical aspects of our software with IT to provide peace of mind. For Premium customers, we can also discuss options for custom SIS integration.

Save hundreds of hours building your school’s course schedule