Enhancements to the Room Density Report

The Room Density report is a favorite of our clients. It has two jobs:

  • Show how effectively a school's teaching space is being utilized
  • Reveal spots for that last-minute class that needs to be shoe-horned into a finished schedule

There was one thing, however, that this beautiful report did not show: which classes and professors occupied the shaded blocks. That information could be found in a dozen other places, but who wants to go somewhere else when they are already here?

Animation of Room Density Report

Now, when you hover your mouse over a colored cell on the Room Density report, two things happen:

  • A pop-up box appears telling you the course and professor scheduled in that spot
  • All of the cells connected to the class are highlighted so you can see the full day and time range it occupies.

As is often the case with the ofCourse system, something already loved just got a lot more lovable.

Troy Dearmitt

Troy is the CTO & Co-founder at ofCourse.

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