Problem preferences exposed in real-time

One of the most loved ofCourse features (only behind the Collision Management Checker) is the Preference Collection System. This elegant and proven model exponentially reduces effort while delivering a host of sophisticated tools and reporting. But this already rich soil just got much more fertile with our latest extension--exposing problem preferences.

Now there are multiple reasons a preference could be problematic. The most common scenario happens when faculty unwittingly (or intentionally) chose times that bump into protected regions. As it is, these non-viable prefs are not so easy to tease out of the hundreds to thousands of incoming requests. But now after every schedule run, all incoming preferences are evaluated and any that prove out of play are flagged. This is remarkably helpful when you are investigating why someone might have gotten a 3rd preference or worse yet had none of their preferences honored.

With this new viability data elegantly interwoven into your schedule views and scorecards, researching these placement issues just went from being possible to ridiculously easy. But, as seasoned users of the system already know, this is just the ofCourse way.

Invalid preferences are now struck-through to identify potential problem-points.

Troy Dearmitt

Troy is the CTO & Co-founder at ofCourse.

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