Courseload Entry: bigger, faster, better

One of the very first steps each scheduling season is entering the courses you wish to offer and the faculty assigned to teach. We at ofCourse call this the courseload. Historically, the quick-add tool makes slick and easy work of this task. First, the IntelliSense helpers automagically pull courses and faculty from your directories. Additionally, you can enter everything from the keyboard--never having to reach for the mouse. This polished and proven interface has answered the call for over a decade.

But as is our way, no matter how solid something has been performing, we like to ask our magic wand question. That is if we could wave our hand and make this better, what might we do? Pointing that question to this page has produced a new multi-add tool. You still get the IntelliSense and keyboard functionality, but now you can add up to ten courseload items simultaneously. As we said, bigger, faster, better.

So get ready to make even quicker work of your courseload entry with your next build.

Get ready to make even quicker work of your Courseload entry in your next build

Troy Dearmitt

Troy is the CTO & Co-founder at ofCourse.

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